The Fyre Festival island has gone up for sale

Want your own slice of paradise? The island used to promote the infamous Fyre Festival has gone up for sale!

Go count your piggy banks because this Bahamas paradise could be yours for a measly 11.8 million dollars.

Tickets to the island paradise ‘Fyre Festival’ were sold up to $49,000 US dollars per person and included return flights from Miami along with VIP experiences with high profile musicians like Migos and Blink 182.

Fyre Festival was a complete disaster, which we all got to experience after Netflix’s documentary on the chaos that was released earlier this year.

The promotion for the festival did look amazing though as it was filmed on the beautiful Saddleback Cay in Exuma, the Bahamas, which is being listed as an “iconic private island.”

The original promotion used models and influencers like Bella Hadid to advertise the luxury experience that would “exceed all expectations” via social media and was once owned by Pablo Escobar.

Fyre Festival was the dream child of rapper Ja Rule and tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland. McFarland is now serving time in prison for the disappointing event that was a danger to festival patrons.

Fyre Festival’s infrastructure was nowhere near ready by the time the thousands of people rocked up ready for the luxury experience they’d been promised, yet all went ahead as planned with people reporting of being robbed, locked inside the airport upon arrival, and a kind of free for all savagery occurring.

Despite the bad reputation, Saddleback Cay really is a beautiful Bahamas escape so if you find you’ve suddenly won the lotto, I would consider investing.