Listen to two slick new songs from Tame Impala’s latest collab, Theo Impala

Heaven has heard your payers and answered them – Theo Impala have released two new gems from their collaboration, and they are absolute fire.

It’s not an understatement to say that I love Tame Impala and everything Kevin Parker works on – not only have I burned every Tame Impala album onto CD and listened to them about a billion times, I can still easily recite lyrics from their first EP that came out ten years ago. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Theo Impala
Photo: Theophilus London on Twitter

Theo Impala have answered thine prayers – Kevin Parker and Theophilus London meet minds on the acerbic, hip-hop style Whiplash and the glistening, dance-floor ready Only You.

London’s acerbic raps are melded with Kevin’s smooth production and sickly sweet, sugary pop melodies in Whiplash.

Sit back and feel the whip as London throws some sharply directed shade at people who want all the flash that comes with money and fame.

Only You is the complete opposite of Whiplash, a cover of Steve Monite’s Nigerian boogie hit from 1984.

The two also weren’t the first to cover it – Frank Ocean played the song live at FYF Festival in LA last year, so maybe the duo liked it so much that they decided to put their own spin on it.

Though the original and Theo Impala versions don’t differ that much, the duo’s cover gives the song a much-needed revamp for the 21st-century.


Via Noisey.