Lizzo and Harry Styles take on the 2020 BRIT Awards, tequila in hand

We are all for the incredible friendship between Harry Styles and the superstar taking over the world that is Lizzo. The two shared a particularly eventful evening at the recent BRIT awards at the O2 Arena in London.

The one moment that everyone is talking about is when Lizzo decided to chug a glass of tequila, and Styles was beside himself.

Photo: Rex

The 2020 BRIT Awards saw Harry Styles and Lizzo’s friendship skyrocket to the best possible level for the whole world to see.

Here’s a recap of what happened for those who missed the magical moment. The ceremony’s host Jack Whitehall went down to the tables to make a toast with Harry Styles, not realising Styles’ glass was pure tequila on ice. After realising this, Whitehall turned around to see Styles’ best pal Lizzo sitting there and hands her the glass.

Then what did she do? She chugged it of course. At this point, Styles returned to the table and went absolutely nuts; cheering like no one has ever cheered before.

Drinks were spilled, wine stains were made, yet the applause for the two was perhaps the biggest of the whole evening. Both Styles and Lizzo were nominated for huge awards for the night, and regardless of not taking home a win, it seems like the two had a great night nonetheless.

Watch the video below.