PREMIERE: LOLA’s debut single ‘Tease Me’ confirms that rock isn’t dead, yet

LOLA released their new debut single Tease Me today as a homage to the headbanging rock tunes you shared with your mates.

As unapologetically rock ‘n roll as the boys themselves, LOLA premiere their debut single Tease Me as an ultimate head banging crowd anthem.

Without a drop of angst or fear, the four boys jump headfirst into a world of rock and guitar riffs, birthing Tease Me for their loyal Adelaide fans and beyond.


The group was pieced together from other established bands and projects in Adelaide and were intensely magnetised with each other’s energy and captivating rock charisma.

Tease Me was created to encase a time of carefree cold beers and youthful spirit. The defiantly sharp drums and shredded guitar riff instantly transport you to a crowded mosh pit, jumping electrically off a sticky floor, chanting back the lyrics to the infectious group.


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What’s more invigorating is that LOLA takes a genre that is associated with the echoey nostalgia of a lost era and unapologetically plunges rock ‘n roll into the present.

Beyond their crisp musical skills comes the charisma and infectious energy LOLA exuberates.

From each live gig, shaking the speakers with their daring sound and selling out shows, to hurling through Adelaide handing out flyers to their Tease Me launch party on March 6th, it is undeniable that the group of fearless misfits have a magnetic presence that makes you reminiscent of every beer-drinking night you’ve ever enjoyed with your mates.


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As reckless as the genre it dwells in, Tease Me brings a chaotic, yet magnifying explosion into rock n’ roll as we know it.

Dedicating their single to “every unconforming soul that refuses to be another one of societies puppets”, the song is a symbol of “the good old days” that are happening in this very moment.

The liquid metallic gold that blasts in each guitar shred or powerful vocal goes beyond the talents of the four musicians, it brings out the connection LOLA has with the crowd both on and off-stage.


The undeniable mateship and infectious excitement the boys exhume makes it impossible not to fall down the rock ‘n roll rabbit hole, and never want to leave it.

Listen to Tease Me below, and if you are in Adelaide on March 6… get yourself a damn ticket to LOLA’s single launch at Adelaide UniBar.