lonomy reaches inventive new heights with electronic-pop single ‘Birds’

In anticipation for his upcoming project, lonomy releases Birds, an inspired single about the intrigue of impossibility.

The imaginative electro-artist unleashes a piece of his creative work, giving us a taste of the groundbreaking sounds to come.

lonomy, game designer by day and musician by night put together an electronic blend of classical instruments and quirky sounds in his innovative track Birdspushing listeners to be drawn to the idea of unreachability.

Photograph: Nathan J Sivewright

On the surface, the track bellows in a simplistically catchy tune, but lonomy’s meticulous electro-pop style is embedded with an abundance of textures that creates an effortlessly intriguing sound. There is a deeply moving blend of instruments, from the synthetic bass to the classic piano riff and grounding drums – it feels almost like a dance of light, flickering in unison. The track trickles down the spine, so close to the nerves but unable to grasp, much like the meaning behind the track.

lonomy dedicates Birds as a homage to a track he wrote in 2016 of the same name. Whilst his recent release does not have any lyrics, he mentions that they originally were; “If I wanted to be a bird- it’s only because I’ll never fly. If I wanted to be the trees- it’s because I’ll never grow as high”. 

Steering on the same flight path, lonomy intended for Birds to: “capture the essence of a goal that seems far off, foreign, perhaps impossible but nevertheless- interesting and inspiring”. 

Well “interesting and inspiring” it most definitely is, with the artist’s background in game design, the track almost feels like the build to a climatic breakpoint, as if we can hear the mind of a protagonist swirling in their thoughts, building steps into the sky.


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lonomy’s style is undeniably saturated in talent for his ability to construe a vision of passion and persistence, hitting as forcefully as the deep piano keys ticking throughout the entire track. The song is the primary single of lonomy’s project Preamble.Ambition, set for release on April 29.

If Birds is any indication of the music to come, then consider me a loyal lonomy fan, rushing up the stairs he has built, all the way to the stars.

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