Tell us about your exercise habits (or lack thereof) to win a Happy Mag pack!

Want to win a pack of Happy Mag’s four latest issues? Fill out a 2-minute survey and tell us about your exercise habits – whether they exist or not.

The arts aren’t particularly renowned for healthy lifestyles, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be. Staying physically and mentally healthy while touring or juggling deadlines is no easy task, but with the right exercise habits, it can be done.

Happy Mag are currently planning an investigation into health in the arts, and we’re starting with our readers. If you’d like to win a Happy Mag pack made up of our last four print issues (Issues 12-15), then take two minutes to fill out the survey below.

made in paris gym exercise habits
Recently, techno DJ Made In Paris created a sample pack from gym sounds. Read more here.

What are we looking for, exactly? We want to know how often you get a pump on, where you do it, and what’s fun about it. If you’re perhaps on the side that could do a little more exercise – maybe you don’t have the time or the money – we’d like to know what’d make you take the plunge.

In a week’s time on Monday April 26th, we will randomly pick five winners and contact them directly to send them their copies of Happy Mag. Each issue is $12, meaning you’ll be taking home $48 worth of bloody good reads for two minutes of your time. Not bad, hey?

Please note: you must be an Australian resident to be eligible to win a Happy Mag pack.

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