Loon Lake share details of final album Low Res

Loon Lake have released the details of what will be their last ever album, which will drop while they are on the road for their Final Wave tour.


The album has been dubbed Low Res and will feature material from the past year which presents their biggest and most honest tracks to date.

On the production of Low Res, Loon Lake frontman Sam Nolan explained “We all met at a pub in North Melbourne and we laid it all out on the table. We all decided that even though we knew we were probably not going to stay in the band for much longer, we wanted to do one more album. We wanted to do it our way and we made a pact that night. No over thinking, no synths, all recording must be live. We decided to go right back to the beginning and just have fun with it. Write songs purely by instinct. Somehow we had lost sight of it along the way.”

Following the release of their debut full-length album, Gloamer, in 2013, Low Res will be released independently on October 21.