‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Piano’ star, Bruce Allpress, dead aged 89

Bruce Allpress, actor in Lord of the Rings and The Piano, has died peacefully aged 89.

The New Zealand actor is most famous for his performance of Aldor in Lord of the Rings. His premature arrow shot causes the charge of the Uruk-hai during the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

Bruce Allpress

Bruce Allpress acted in numerous award-winning films throughout his life, including but not limited to The Lord of the Rings and The Piano.

Allpress’ first role was in The Cheeseman Singer in the ’60s before eventually appearing in the Academy Award-winning film The Piano, as well as The Water Horse. He is remembered by his sons as being a loving father. According to the Independent, his son Pete expressed: “I guess you could describe him as the guy you would like to have a beer with.” 

Michael, his second son and founder of Allpress Coffee described his father as having had “an extremely fulfilling life. He was very accepting of the vast diversity that humanity presents and very much an independent thinker. He was a valuable and wise contributor over the years at Allpress Coffee. He will be missed dearly.”

His wife Gabrielle Rogers described: “He was in no pain, and he slipped away peacefully knowing that his family were all ‘with’ him.

He will be remembered, in the words of his agent Jill McCullough, as “one of the acting world’s brightest and clearest voices.

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