Los Tones – Ordinary Man

Filthy garage rock. It’s messy, dirty and ready to corrupt what little innocence you might have left. How could anyone not be a fan?

los tones

Too Cool For School Warning: Lost ones Los Tones have dropped a serving of grimy, filthy garage rock in the shape of Ordinary Man.

If you need to add said filth to your playlist then look no further than the Los Tones’ new single Ordinary Man. Putting dirt under your fingernails, sweat on every inch of your body and grease down your scruffy ripped jeans, the Sydney supergroup’s latest 60s-inspired garage blaster is a vice you can’t say no to.

Fun fact, one of the supergroup’s influences, The Sonics, pretty much pioneered garage rock’s I’m Fucking Cool attitude back in the 60s. So, any band that boasts a too-cool-for-school teenage rebellious streak has those guys to thank. Yes, even Nirvana. Needless to say, the Los Tones manage to boom out their own brand of Sonics-inspired brashness in their latest grimy single.

Like good old-fashioned garage rock should be, Ordinary Man boogies along to 60s surf vibes and wills you to get down and dirty. Grubby nasal vocals rinsed with a shot of tequila are swished around with ample guitar twang and thrashy drums. Rounding out the trashy affair is a scruffy guitar solo and a few gutsy howls that’ll have you twisting and jiving until the tequila runs dry.

Listen to any of their former bands Mother & Son, La Mancha Negra and Glitter Canyon and you get the sense that this supergroup was born in the muddy swamplands somewhere between colonial USA and a beat up Sydney garage. It’s like their punk, blues and rock roots have been doused in grease and grime so dirt effortlessly oozes from their pores. Like I said, their throwback garage rock is necessary filth you need on your playlist.



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