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Lose yourself in the lush sounds of Karuah’s new Insight EP

Byron Bay based singer-songwriter Karuah crafts some of the most endearing music we’ve come by in a long time.

He seamlessly weaves layered instrumentation with story-driven lyricism to create a unique brand of music that’s almost impossible to tear your attention away from. Today, we’re stoked to be premiering his new EP Insight.

Insight, the intricate and immersive new EP from Byron Bay based singer-songwriter Karuah, is one of the most endearing releases we’ve come across this year.

On the new EP, Karuah glides through a unique blend of soul, folk, and indie-rock to craft a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

As he weaves together layer upon layer of beautiful guitars and percussion, the singer builds textured and immersive soundscapes that feel simultaneously delicate and energetic. You’ll be left feeling completely disorientated by his lush sounds.

The whole EP is brimming with bright, infectious vocal melodies that’ll both stick in your head and warm your heart.

Karuah is currently gearing up to take his new music on the road, so keep your eyes peeled because we’re sure he’ll be hitting up a town near you sooner rather than later.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.


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August 21, 2018