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Lost Goat Found share a playlist of tracks that have influenced them

It’s been a few weeks now since Brisbane-based outfit Lost Goat Found released their latest single Upstairs, but for that entire time, we haven’t stopped spinning it.

We’re officially hooked on their epic sounds, so fresh off the track’s release, we caught up with each member of the band for a playlist of tracks that have influenced them.

With an epic new single fresh under their belts, we caught up with Brisbane band Lost Goat Found for a playlist of influential tunes.

BEN: Growing up with mum blasting Fleetwood Mac and then finding the likes of The Fray, Green Day and Powderfinger when I was younger, these bands have all had a much larger impact on me than I realise. While some of these should be on the playlist, I’ve gone with some slightly more recent discoveries that have inspired my songwriting.

BEN: Modern Baseball – Hiding

I’ve listened to Modern Baseball and the like since my early teens and have always loved how their lyrics are raw and honest yet still very poetic and I’m always trying to mimic that in my writing. As well as this, I love the free-flowing structure and how the song grows rather than repeating sections.

BEN: Ball Park Music – Alligator

When I started making music I always wanted to make a huge sound and was in search of a band that could show me what that was. I have since found that in bands like Gang Of Youths, We Were Promised Jetpacks and Ball Park Music to name a few. Alligator is a perfect example of a song seamlessly going from zero to one hundred. Every time I listen to the last 1.5 minutes it draws me in and shows me something new.

DOM: Luca Brasi – Clothes I Slept In

To me, this is everything a rock song should be. I love how punchy the drums are, how honest the lyrics are and how damn catchy that chorus is.

DOM: Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey

I love how ambitious Vampire Weekend are with their songwriting. The lyrics in this song are so poetic and the instrumentation is so dense yet so simple. I think the five minute+ run time is entirely justified.

CAM: Will and the People – Masterpiece

This is a song that we are all pretty into, I love the way it builds and the subtly of the changes. This song has definitely had an influence on us in that regard. Will and the People really manage to capture the gentle energy of four people jamming in a room, which is how a lot of our songs are written. It brings a very organic sound to their music.

CAM: Radiohead – Desert Island Disc

This is of one of my favourite albums. I am always inspired by the atmosphere and soundscapes that Radiohead create, it’s almost like the songs have a visual dimension to them when paired with the imagery in Thom York’s lyrics.

MORGAN: Gang of Youths – Go Farther In Lightness

While I am continuously inspired by the scale and glamour of all of GOY’s songs, I love the intimacy and simplicity of Go Farther In Lightness. The unique production alongside the vulnerability of Dave’s lyrics turns this song into a little island of calming nostalgia in an otherwise tempestuously epic album.

MORGAN: U2 – With Or Without You

Pretty generic, I know, but still worth a mention! For me, this track is a perfect example of the power of ‘less is more’ in songwriting. Rather than filling the airspace with walls of fuzz, U2 lets the soaring lead lines and Bono’s ripped-out vocals take the lead, making it simple yet absolutely anthemic.

Upstairs is available now. Listen here.


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April 22, 2019