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LouSkylar bring a sophisticated pop sound to their new single Damaged Goods

Electronic duo LouSkylar are back with their second single Damaged Goods, a bouncy, infectious pop jam with rife with deliciously heavy production.

Hailing from Melbourne, LouSkylar is Jessica Frizziero and Nathan Batham. They’re two artists who have been playing music for the majority of their life, and we can tell.

Melbourne duo LouSkylar have released their new electronic pop jam Damaged Goods, oozing with sophistication, bounce and heart.

Both parties bring their musical specialties to the table; Frizziero with her distinguished vocals and transparent lyricism, Batham with his complex production. The combination of the two is nothing short of blissful.

With dance floor elevation and a catchy pop feel, Damaged Goods feels like a breath of fresh air, acknowledging that sometimes, maybe everything isn’t all good. More than just a hit, the track dives deep into the human condition, especially the notion of self-confidence.

Speaking of the track, Frizziero shared:

“Damaged Goods explores two very conflicting ideas; that raw emotion of battling with insecurities and self-esteem whilst also being a bit sassy like ‘Well this is me; I’m flawed, I’ve got the things I need to work on and you just gotta deal with that and accept me for me and all my issues’. In many ways it feels like an oxymoron.” 

LouSkylar formed in early 2017, when the two serendipitously met at The University of Melbourne for an elective music project, resulting in their first single Sin. A groundswell of support for the track meant they ranked 13th on triple j’s Unearthed charts and number four on the electronic charts in late 2018.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the band, but right now we’re too busy bopping to Damaged Goods.


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March 15, 2019