Love instant photography? Grab yourself a Polaroid OneStep2
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Love instant photography? Grab yourself a Polaroid OneStep2

If you’ve ever wanted to own an old-school Polaroid camera, you’re not alone. Ever since the ’70s, when instant photography first burst into the mainstream, Polaroid cameras have been the golden standard.

Old-school cameras like the Sun 600 are still some of the best looking machines around. And now, Polaroid have shared their brand-new OneStep2 i-Type Instant Camera… and let me tell you, this thing is a piece of beauty.

If you’re a fan of vintage-style instant photography, do yourself a favour and pick up Polaroid’s new OneStep2 Instant camera.

With its slick vintage aesthetic, the OneStep2 feels simultaneously retro and modern. With a shape that borrows from the company’s cameras of the past, this new camera sits in your hand perfectly, and is incredibly easy to use.

The OneStep2 lifts straight out of the box, and is immediately ready for use. One flick through the instruction manual, and you’ll be ready to shoot some stunning new pics.

With its own special i-Type film, the new camera shoots the kind of classic, worn style we all love. No matter what you’re shooting, these photos will come out looking a million bucks.

If you want to grab yourself a Polaroid OneStep2, grab one on Polaroid’s website.