Love Mar Haze, but have no idea what their name means? Your search ends today friend as we chat to the band about Wildwood Music Festival

Festival season is almost here, and one event that’s creeping closer and closer is Wildwood Music Festival. An independent gig showcasing the best blues, roots and tasty food, it’s shaping up to be the greatest little picnic you ever did see.

Mar Haze are one band on the ticket, and they can’t wait for their set. We caught up with them before they jet off to Port Macquarie to ask a few questions about the festival, the local scene and their ultimate jam tunes.

mar haze

If you’re heading to Wildwood, you can’t miss Mar Haze. The genre-straddling blues group give us all the goss in the lead-up to the independent festival.

HAPPY: How did your involvement with Wildwood Festival come about? Are you looking forward to playing the festival?

MAR HAZE: We have been playing around the Port Macquarie music scene for a number of years now and have built a nice little fan base. We are looking forward to introduce a number of new songs and sounds to the P Mac scene and what better place to do it than a winery with sick bands.

HAPPY: How important do you think independent music festivals like Wildwood are for the Australian music scene?

MAR HAZE: We know firsthand how much is involved in setting up events for independent musicians and have a massive respect for everyone who supports this. It gives bands like us a good little leg up and a chance to rub shoulders with some inspirational characters.

HAPPY: Do you have any token performance tricks up your sleeve that you’ll be whipping out at Wildwood?

MAR HAZE: We blacked out the power in a venue one night from a guitar solo headstand, so most of our party tricks are frowned upon now.

HAPPY: Do you have any good recent tour stories?

MAR HAZE: First experience at Psyfari, couple of new experiences…

HAPPY: Your sound is heavily influenced by such a variety of music, how does your creative process work in combining these different styles?

MAR HAZE: Yea its always a tricky one to get four different influences into a tune. Since the arrival of new singer Pat, we have really learnt to respect each other’s creative ideas and adapt to a four-way split of writing. Stoked with the results so far and enjoying what sounds have been emerging.

HAPPY: What do you think are the key ingredients for a quality blues record?

MAR HAZE: Comes down to the passion and time put into each song. Allowing time to reflect on ideas that we may have been previously content with.

HAPPY: What inspires you in music and in life?

We write about a number of things. Music, surf, girls, even cafes where we spend most of our hungover life.

HAPPY: What is the story behind the name Mar Haze?

MAR HAZE: Mar is Sea in Spanish, we though Sea Haze reflects the music but didn’t want to sound like too much of a fat head.

HAPPY: What is your ultimate impromptu rehearsal jam song?

MAR HAZE: Mr Scruff – Fish. Or that party boy song from the Jackass movies.

HAPPY: You guys have a new single release coming out in October, what inspired that track, and what can we expect from it?

MAR HAZE: Yeah our new single is out at the end of October, we have really put lots of love into this one. Same vibe and style with more of an electronic influence.

HAPPY: Nice!