Oops. A Norwegian black metal star named Fenris accidentally elected himself into a local council seat

Norway is known for having a pretty prolific metal scene. The country is one of the world’s most enthusiastic consumers of black metal, death metal and viking metal.

This week the public popularity of the genre reared it’s head and grappled the Norwegian political machine, as Darkthrone’s founder was accidentally elected to council.


We all know the nightmare of unexpected responsibility, but for Norway’s black metal legend Gylve Fenris Nagell, it’s a reality.

After being contacted with an offering to be on the list of backup council representatives, Fenris agreed, without realising the ramifications this action would have.

As a joke, Fenris then proceeded to post a photo of him and his cat (named Peanut Butter) with the caption “Don’t vote for me” as his official campaign ad. Obviously, this is a huge error to anyone who knows anything about the internet. Cats get votes.


Darkthrone is currently gearing up to release their new record Arctic Thunder this October. Unfortunately, their leading member now finds himself with ongoing political obligations as Councilman Gylve Fenris Nagell, the first replacement when a single other councilman can’t make the meeting.

Lesson learned. If you don’t want to serve on your council, kids, don’t say yes to that first phone call.

Via Fact Magazine.