Love New Zealand and Punk? These are the 6 bands you need to know according to legends Die! Die! Die!

Dunedin three-piece Die! Die! Die! have been thrashing their way across stages for well over ten years. With another blistering EP What Did You Expect under their belts and an Australian tour in their sights in January 2016, these gents are bound to bring some sizzle to your Summer. Since we’re always on the lookout for more gold from our trans-Tasman cousins, front man Andrew Wilson sheds light on the six punk bands from New Zealand you need to know about.

Die! Die! Die! noise rock

As a staple of the New Zealand noise rock scene, we asked Die! Die! Die! to discuss who they think are six of the best punk bands to tear up local stages.

Opposite Sex

I fell in love with Opposite Sex when I first saw them in Gisborne at I think their first show. They have developed into one of New Zealand’s most interesting and best bands ever. I kinda can’t believe how amazing they are really. They are all and none of the parts of so many of my favourite bands.

Astro Children

I was so blown away by the first time I saw Astro Children in 2012 I had to get them to play our Harmony album release show the very next day in Dunedin. Like Opposite Sex they have grown into a completely new monster since the first time I saw them. Millie writes really amazing songs and Isaac is my favourite drummer currently in New Zealand. They have so much attitude in such a pure way every time I see them play its such a beautiful thing.

Courtney Hate

For some reason Courtney Hate makes me think of Electrelane if they were from Auckland. They sound nothing like Electrelane though. They are so interesting musicially and I’m excited Auckland has a band like this.


Similar story to Astro Children. I was so blown away by Caroles when they opened for us in Hamilton I had to get them to play with us again the next night in Auckland so I could see them again. Sadly due to the fact Lawree has moved overseas it might be awhile till I see Caroles again. But I’m so happy I got to see them as much as I did.

Miss June

Miss June are so pure in their performance and where their music comes from, it’s so infectious. Also I remember being so blown away by Annabel’s voice when I first heard them. It really hit me in my soul. Miss June are gonna be a band which the kids are gonna talk about changing their lives. Their all ages shows in Auckland are some of the most incredible shows I have ever seen.

Soda Boyz

This is a new band from Palmerston North who sorta sound like all of my favourite bands from when I was 16. These guys are like 16 so it is really refreshing for me!!! Palmerston North is such a weird place and my favourite New Zealand band of all time are from there (The Skeptics). This band screams isolation and everything I love about what is special about New Zealand bands.