Happy Mag is printed on 100% environmentally friendly Captain Planet approved paper!

One of the big things that goes hand in hand when creating a print magazine is the kind of paper you are going to print on. Offset? Laser Bond? Dry Gum? It’s not just what you print, but what you print on that is crucial to the make-up of a mag. When it comes to Happy Mag, we’re keeping things as green as possible and printing on 100% recycled and sustainable papers.

Happy Mag

We’re using Envirocare, a 100% environmentally friendly uncoated paper made entirely from waste paper brought to us by the good people at KW Doggett Fine Paper. All those episodes of Captain Planet didn’t go to waste on us, our impact on the environment is something to be mindful of and it’s important to be wary of how we go about bringing Happy Mag to life. That’s also why we’re printing in small runs here in Australia.

Envirocare is free of elemental chlorine and because of the special processing of the used paper, it retains a high grade whiteness despite being made without adding optical brighteners. We love our music, and getting the fact that we are about to put out an actual music magazine is really exciting. Doing so on an environmentally responsible paper and still looking like a million bucks? That’s the icing on the cake.