LOVEBYRD capture darkness in nostalgia on ‘WANNA DIE BEFORE YOU DO’

There’s something so compelling about dark tales unravelled through aesthetics. Refrained guitar lines provide the perfect platform for lyrics to shine through, while sonic textures allow artists to draw the listener into the world forged by their sound. On their latest single, LOVEBYRD do just that, but they turn the dial up to 11.

From the minute WANNA DIE BEFORE YOU DO begins, you are immediately wrapt in the duo’s unique sonic sensitivity. Gradual tides of chorus interspersed with solitary acoustic guitar provide a rich, yet nourishing soundscape for their words to grow in. Every note is intentional, no second is left to waste, and LOVEBYRD manage to spin complex narratives into gorgeous melodies.

On their latest single, LOVEBYRD prove that they’re a force to be reckoned with. Dark emotions blended through polaroid soundscapes? WANNA DIE BEFORE YOU DO is utterly addictive.

Although initially undetectable, the German garage duo are able to forge analog aesthetics from the furthest reaches of contemporary production. Their sound casts images of old, grainy photos and comforting nostalgia, allowing them to interweave darker themes among lyrics. However, rather than making their intentions obvious, the duo creates this landscape in the most invisible way.

It’s as though they are using purple paint, but completely forgoing the pre-made sample and mixing the colour from scratch. They are able to layer new textures, tones, and nuances among their sound that couldn’t be achieved with a weathered vintage sonic. What audiences are left with is a calming, yet deeply intricate masterpiece. Layer on poignant reflections on love, heartbreak, and loss, and you have WANNA DIE BEFORE YOU DO: the duo’s dawn.

The single’s music video speaks directly to this artistic balance, shooting haunting images of loss and longing on Kodak Super 8 film. “Together with a group of young innovative filmmakers and actors [we] completed a modern interpretation of a Bonnie and Clyde story which underlines the track’s message,” LOVEBYRD reveal about the video.

The duo have mastered a unique balance of aesthetic and meaning, allowing their words to cut deeper and their melodies to linger. There’s no denying that WANNA DIE BEFORE YOU DO is utterly formidable.

Check out WANNA DIE BEFORE YOU DO below: