COVID-19 update: How is NSW going right now?

With COVID-19 numbers growing by the minute in Victoria, it appears that New South Wales hasn’t seen too much of the media spotlight lately.

However, the situation in NSW has started to become more concerning, with several hotspots identified and tighter restrictions being put in place.


NSW is struggling to control the number of COVID-19 hotspots, with new restrictions continuing to be implemented across the state.

Today 19 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed, with ten of these cases being linked to the Thai Rock cluster in Wetherill Park. This brings the outbreak’s total to 85 confirmed cases. There have also been a number of new cases tied to a cluster in Potts Point, as well as an outbreak at a Bankstown funeral.

As the virus continues to spread throughout the State, harsher restrictions will follow. Today, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced tightened restrictions on gyms, declaring that all venues now require a permanent marshal at all times.

“All gyms need to have a COVID-marshal in place, including gyms who have a business model where no staff are present,” the NSW Premier announced at a press conference.

“If we don’t all do the right thing, we will go down the path of having more cases, then having to consider additional measures to reduce those cases. I ask everyone to think about the alternate scenario and what that would mean for our state.”

With cases in NSW growing, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed that Greater Sydney will be marked as a national COVID-19 hotspot, much to the surprise of Berejiklian. Palaszczuk tweeted:

“From 1:00am Saturday, more hotspots will be declared and no-one from Sydney will be allowed into Queensland.”

Remember that everyone plays a role in conquering COVID-19. Stay at home when you feel unwell, get tested, wear a mask, wash your hands, and save lives.