loverswasteland debuts gritty hip hop banger Heartbreak City

loverswasteland has just dropped his intoxicating debut single, Heartbreak City.

The heavy hitting trap rap number is tinged with a melancholic darkness and will certainly get you head banging.

Heartbreak City recreates what life is like after a toxic break up with the angsty debut telling it how it really is. Your attention is grabbed immediately through punchy lyrics and satanic imagery.

loverswasteland keeps his vocals versatile and the production quality high as he mixes between flowing melodies to a harsher rap style.

The Gold Coast artist has produced a passionate and edgy track that has redefined what first comes to mind when you think Aussie hip-hop. This is no Hilltop Hoods, but rather loverswasteland finds inspiration in the likes of Lil Peep and The Weeknd.

The chorus in Heartbreak City is extremely catchy and I promise it will get stuck into your head as you sing along with the smooth yet snappy melody.

“Gonna make you stop with this, love gets us killed in the dark. One knife for your back and one knife for your heart.”

It’s highly gritty. I think it’s the grittiness that is what really stands out in this track and differentiates it between other breakups songs. The repetitive guitar riffs along with the electronic beats produce this low burning hum that adds to the feeling of painful isolation.

The lyrics “Heartbreak city there’s no other place like home,” will hit hard if you’re listening to this song after a heavy breakup. Might also make you want to punch a wall because the intense lyrics won’t exactly entice you to reflect on the good times.

The song is utterly toxic which means loverswasteland has definitely succeeded in delivering a world of complete despair, loneliness and pain all due to one crazy ex. It’s extremely tight and his rapping is sharp and direct.

All in all it’s an explosive hip hop debut and we can’t wait to see more from the emerging artist.

Check out loverswasteland below: