Low Fly Incline – Silver Cadillac

I’ve been sent to do Melbourne band Low Fly Incline. These two lads –yeah that’s right, there’s two of ‘em – play such rockin’ roll that they got to record with Scott Reeder (the bass player from stoner rock legends Kyuss) two years ago. Yeah!

Low Fly Incline

Rock music can still be about cars man. For some bare bones, teeth gritting rock you can’t go further than Low Fly Incline.

Low Fly Incline have a new EP out, and it’s called Silver Cadillac. The cover has a the grill of said automobile with an accompanying numberplate “SLVR CAD”. Yep, rock bands are still obsessed about cars even after all these years. On top of that, the rest of the EP’s songs (the title track, Honey Bee, Wasted and Vinnie the Rune) suggest that these bad boys love the four pillars of the rock’n’roll life: cars, honeys, booze, and those mad dogs down at your local pub (I assume that’s who Vinnie is, anyway).

The first three songs are pretty stando in rock terms, although Vinnie is a bit interesting (probably in homage to a real man). I gotta flesh this review out somehow so I’ll do it track-by-track. Silver Cadillac begins with a pulsating stoner rock that sounds like a cut from (early) Queens of the Stone Ages floor. At times too, there’s a few screams and that which makes you think Daniel Johns is guesting.

Honey Bee is probably half the speed of Silver Cadillac, and so its riff has that being-played- through-water feel to it that I guess gave sludge metal its name. It’s basically the same as Silver Cadillac though I should add that the song’s lack of haste exposes the lack of things going on in a two-man band.

Wasted is the third track, and at this stage the EP is beginning to resemble one of this things that make you from ‘HAT’ to ‘CON’ by changing one letter at a time. The tempo has reset to Silver Cadillac levels, and the song does a few different things, but nothing that makes it readily distinguishable. There’s some weird instrumental at the start, and um, there’s a guitar solo and the song ends a bit abruptly. That’s about it. Oh, but at the end of this song there’s a ‘yeah’ said that basically sounds like the sequel to Kyuss’ Yeah, which was an actual track on one of their albums. It’s literally just a bloke from the band saying “yeah”.

So now we come to the final track, Vinnie the Rune. It’s not an out-and-out rock song like the others, but rather some campfire acoustic guitar duel (there’s no drums in this one). There’s a lot of palm muting going on, which still means the song retains a sludge vibe. There seems to be a lot of other instruments getting played too – I can hear a tambourine and some congos getting hit. So yeah, that’s it. These fellas aren’t shit, but probably as my review conveyed, they’re not terribly exciting. Frankly, I was excited by the weird German techno (“…waves gettin’ choppy”) that came on in the Soundcloud autoplay after Silver Cadillac finished playing.

Having said that though, check em out if stoner rock is to you what flag facts are to me or close-to-the-bone blog posts are to Shayen. You’ll probably like ‘em.



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