Low Lux deliver big time on their debut single Rivers Roll

There’s something really great about a new band who burst out of the gates full bore and from the get-go look like they have no intention of slowing down. It’s exciting to see something so fresh being so fully formed because it usually means some very exciting things are in store for the very near future. And Low Lux are just that – fully formed.

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Low Lux are triumphant on their debut single Rivers Roll with a dramatic mix of indie rock, electronica and 70s pop

Rivers Roll is the first single from the band who have already been generating some serious hype around them in their relatively young, yet extremely fertile career. It’s a brooding mix of indie rock, electronica and 70s pop. There are hints of The XX in the sparkling guitars, but where The XX are gloomy for the sake of being gloomy, Low Lux are bold and dramatic.

The synths are dark and bass-heavy as they mope around willowy vocals and bright guitars. It is meticulously well-produced, with explosive drums, choral strings and whispers of harmonies that duck and weave around lead-singer Daisy Dowd’s (what a name) gorgeuous vocals. There’s something reminiscent of 70s psych-pop in her voice that is a more than welcome break from the dainty husk that pervades the airways these days. It’s a triumphant track with dramatic dynamics as the song swoons from crawling verses into its exultant choruses. There are hooks that creep in and out, barely there for a few seconds before they vanish into the ether once more, begging you to listen again just to find out what the hell that was.

Seemingly not ones to arrive empty handed, the band have delivered an equally dramatic clip with their debut. Full of spectral shadows and gloomy lights, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the track.

Low Lux started out as a solo project for Dowd that quickly bloomed into a full blown band project. She was once the violinist in the incredible Sydney band Bridezilla who called it quits back in 2013. Thankfully she wasn’t quite done with music and proceeded to write some solo stuff, now enlisting the help from Alex Dawson, Alister Hill, Joshua Bush and Lehi Curtis who, as a whole, form Low Lux. They have played with Palms, Hockey Dad and Millions in their relatively short career, but give it a few months and these guys will be of the most clawed-at new bands to come out of Sydney. Hopefully there is an EP just around the corner, cos’ this song is one of the biggest teases of the year so far.