Lowtide – Blue Movie

“This sounds like it should be in a movie where Kirsten Dunst plays a miserable teenager in the 90’s.” – USYD musicology student on Slowdive’s Souvlaki. Never before have I heard an entire scene of music summed up so easily, if not at all technically or objectively.

Melbournites Lowtide have once again brought us a dream-pop gem reminiscent of olive green coats, middle parts and honeywell plastic, titled Blue Movie, it’s a first taste of things to come from the gazy four piece’s debut full length release.

low tide band

Jump into the deep end with Lowtide’s new single Blue Movie from their upcoming self titled LP. We’re excited. Are you excited? Sure you are.

Other than the odd tour here and there, Lowtide have stayed relatively quiet since the release of 2011’s 7″ Underneath Tonight / Memory No. 7, which we absolutely loved to bits back when we introduced them last year. We also have a little bit of info about the release – it looks like it’s going to be self titled, made up of 9 tracks and will be released on the 18th of July.

While that’s still a while to wait, we’re anticipating another pre-album release from Lowtide sometime before they drop the debut. I mean, there’s nine whole tracks, and they’re a shoegazing band so… how do I put this delicately… how different could the rest of the tracks sound from Blue Movie?

What is staggeringly impressive about Blue Movie is the production value present, the reason behind the polish becoming apparent when we read that it was mixed by Gareth Parton. The producer has worked with Foals, The Go! Team and The Breeders, and has just opened a new studio in an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne – Melbourne musos looking to record should check out Los Bomberos.

In a few Fridays time, you can catch the gang launch their single at the Workers Club for just $10. In classic Melbourne fashion, the supports are just as awesome as the headliner, dole-pop spearheads The Ocean Party and delay fanatics Hideous Towns filling out the bill for Friday the 23rd’s show.



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