Popstrangers 2.0

No strangers to pop, and no longer strangers to you are the New Zealand trio, Popstrangers. They have been based in London for almost a year now, moving the entire kit and kaboodle to the other side of the world in search of fame and fortune inspiration.

Singer and guitarist Joel Flyger, bassist Adam Page and drummer David Larson have elevated above their 90s grunge band reputation, embracing more cool and unfussy pop arrangements, while staying true to their roots of intense ambient rock with a psychedelic twist.

popstrangers in london

We are all gearing up for the release of their second album Fortuna, and so they have teased us with their single Don’t Be Afraid. Don’t let first impressions limit your curiosity because this track’s very temperamental nature will serve you well.

From grungy to clean sounding guitars, from wonky to pristine vocals, these guys will uneasily enchant you so they can pull and probe at your heartstrings. This immoveable song is devilishly mellow and hypnotically surreal and deserves to be on repeat.

The first track off the album, Country Kills ticks all the boxes of an anthemic, alternative rock classic. Emphatic nonchalant vocals, defiant yet meaningful lyrics, and infectiously catchy riffs make for an ingenious and lively tune. Country Kills, as cynical as it sounds, pleasantly hooks you in a metronome- like fixation.

Perfect head-banging song for the faint- hearted to the die- hard pop rockers out there, making you feel totally badass at least until the song finishes. You won’t be able to help yourself chanting along with their every word. Popstrangers are simply rad.

You can get your hands on a copy of their latest album Fortuna 23rd May. Happy can’t wait!

NOTE: Readers with better memories than Alex (who commissioned this piece) may remember that we introduced Popstrangers less than one month ago so uhh… I guess check them out again?



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