Loxki’s ‘Shape In A Bag’ is an emotionally charged debut about the power of grief

Shape In A Bag is a melancholic and immersive synth-pop debut release from Loxki that speaks to the power of grief.

Emerging from Fremantle is artist Loxki, who has burst onto the original music scene with his effortless sound that blends elements of synth-pop, psych, and avante-garde pop. He began his musical journey at the tender age of nine when playing the drums and has since then begun producing his own music and performing in a range of bands. Loxki describes himself as a bedroom poet, who uses his SM-58 microphone and synthesisers to make some “tunes for loons”.

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Inspired by far-reaching music and artists, Loxki’s debut single Shape In A Bag is being released under an independent record label, 9th Dimension Records. The track uses two dynamic synths and energy-packed drums to induce the feeling of overwhelmingness. The track was recorded across two studios, Loxki’s own personal bedroom studio and Poons Head Studios with Rob Grant, who has worked with the likes of Tame Impala, Miley Cyrus, and Pond.

Shape In A Bag took place at a time when Loxki was living out of home, one day receiving a call from his mum which announced the tragic passing of his cat. Due to the process of moving houses, his mum did not want to bury the cat in the old backyard, and instead placed it in a bag in the freezer until Loxki returned home. The track captures the feelings of not knowing how to deal with grief after experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Shape In A Bag
Credit: Press

Shape In A Bag begins with a broody synth that hums minor chords, with an additional bright melodic synth on top. With Loxki’s grief-stricken lyrics, you fall down a rabbit hole of the stages of grief and loss. With whirling sounds and a powerful clash of drums, he has meticulously crafted a track that encapsulated the anxiety and emotional numbness that comes with grappling with the loss of a loved one. With overwhelming instrumentation, you will find your heart rate increasing as well as sending shivers down your spine, which will take you back to a moment in time when you faced an intense sense of grief.  

Shape In A Bag is an immersive and emotive track that speaks to the power of grief. It is a beautiful debut release from Loxki that is sure to capture the hearts of many.

You can stream Shape In A Bag via Spotify below.