Christine Watterson delves into nature and contemplations with album ‘Wonder’

Wonder is a deeply impactful and profound debut album from Christine Watterson that will have you captivated from the very first note until the very last.

Christine Watterson, an artist and folk-rock musician from East Gippsland, Victoria, has recently released her first album, Wonder. The album features nine original tracks that showcase Christine’s songwriting skills and musical talent. Her music is a blend of alternative, rock, and folk, and her soulful voice and compelling lyrics are at the centre of each song. Recorded and produced at Warrior Records in Bruthen, Victoria, Wonder features vocals, piano and guitar work developed by Christine.

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Wonder is a collection of nine original tracks that represent her love towards music, showcasing her plethora of knowledge and experience with captivating melodies and enchanting lyricism. As an avid diver and aspiring mariner with a chemistry background, her debut album alludes to themes of both science and the sea, with lyrics expressed with a deep and powerful voice, combining elements of both Celtic and Indigenous heritage.

Christine opens up about Wonder and her inspiration to us here at Happy, stating “I am an inquisitive person by nature, and I find often myself thinking broadly about everything; about relationships, the land, the universe and everything in between. I’ve written quite a lot of songs over the years that echo this aspect of my identity, but the inspiration for this first album in particular is taken from my fascination with science and exploration. The sense of wonder and the flood of introspective questions that arise from looking up at the night sky, or being immersed in the ocean, are the same contemplations I wish to elicit within those listen to my music.”

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The opening track Shoreham Dawns begins the album with a moody and melodious Celtic guitar riff, as her vocals express deep sorrow. It is a stunning opener that sets the tone for the rest of the album, as it explores her connection with the land. Wasting Water continues the moody atmosphere, with bright melodic tones that meld perfectly with her rich vocals that call to you like a siren’s song.

Next is String Theory, a track that will leave you breathless with her mesmerising lyrics, as she delves into her relationship with the universe and touches on themes of impermanence. The Storm Before The Calm breaks up the moody guitars with a brightly played piano and swirling lyrics that speak metaphorically of storms that will forever have an impact on our lives, and the change that comes when they have passed.

The titled track Wonder continues her immersive songwriting, with her soulful lyrics providing as a guiding light through the most demanding of battles we face. Not Unknown (String Theory II) follows on the theme from the first instalment of String Theory, expanding upon the captivating storyline, where souls will be forever entwined.


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Following on is The Laws Of Everything, with rich and sullen melodic tones that emit a sense of courage and lyrics that speak of breaking old bonds that once held you back. Decay speaks deeply of finding yourself worth and cutting off those who will slowly rot away at it over time. The final track is String Theory III, provides us with the last instalment of the String Theory storyline, delving into how we leave behind an impact on the universe and those close to us, with the loving repetition of the lyrics “you are everything” cementing a powerful message that we are treasured to those who love us.

Wonder is a deeply impactful and profound debut album from Christine Watterson, that will have you captivated from the very first note until the very last. Wonder is now out everywhere, and you can stream it below via Spotify.