GLVES has us in her clutches with her new single ‘Ships’

GLVES leaves an emotional mark on her audience with her mesmerising new single Ships, that delves into the sharp reality of First Nations.

The ever-enthralling GLVES is back with a new and captivating single. The Meanjin-based Alt Pop First Nations multidisciplinary artist has continuously blown us away with her unique ‘Blaktronica’ sound. Her eloquent and synth-drenched music has been cultivating a following due to its multilayered resonance, fortified by honest and poetic lyrics.

GLVES holds an authentic sense of beauty, ritual, and reverence that unites her music across all visual mediums. From photography to music videos to social media, she showcases her artistic vision, where she eternally searches for an understanding of history and heritage, culture, bloodlines, and stories from which she has descended.

Credit: Press

Showcasing her sound to new heights is her sixth and newest single Shipswhich is a gorgeous synth-laced electronica track. GLVES opens up about the track by stating “Ships is my attempt to examine the complexity of relationships, the things you want to believe versus the reality. I reflect a lot on what biological or primary relationships mean to humans; what the labels mother, father or partner should mean. When you grow up in a dysfunctional environment, many labels have meant pain, brought on by absence or neglect, not safety and care.”

GLVES continues on with her sentiment by saying “Ships sums up the disappointment and acceptance of that, and for me, my blood-related family have all lived on islands, surrounded by seas, far away from where I grew up. Tasmania, Torres Strait Islands, Fiji or Indonesia. For me to connect with people in my immediate family, it’s always because water and ideologies separate us, and they are deep and dark.”

Credit: Press

Ships begins with bright and wavering synths that instantly captivate your attention. With a vibrant melody that lilts and her haunting vocals draw you into a whirlwind of emotions. Her melancholic-laced lyrics have you in their grips, guiding you through her exploration of the complexities of relationships; and her confronting raw emotions attached to those relationships. 

Ships gives us insight into the struggles and intense emotions that most of us would never experience; and how the pain of First Nations will be tied to their bloodlines for generations to come. GLVES is making her mark in the industry in the most mesmerising and meaningful way. She provides a safe space for exploring your inner emotional landscape to achieve the healing and self-love you have been yearning for. 

 You can stream Ships via Spotify below.