Gillian Anderson’s trailblazing women’s sexuality study wants you

Gillian Anderson, acclaimed actress and pioneer of the small screen, launches provocative new project examining women’s sexuality.

In a bold and ambitious new project, Bleak House actor Gillian Anderson is seeking to create a comprehensive, multi-layered examination of women’s sexuality, drawing inspiration from Nancy Friday’s groundbreaking work, “My Secret Garden.” Anderson’s project invites women from around the world to share their sexual fantasies anonymously, with the goal of crafting a generational-defining book that provides a nuanced and revealing perspective on what it means to be a woman today.

Embracing the full spectrum of women’s desires, from the conventional to the unconventional, Anderson aims to create an intersectional, inclusive work that stands as a classic for the 21st century. By giving voice to women’s innermost sexual thoughts and desires, Anderson’s project seeks to challenge preconceived notions of femininity and female sexuality, and offer a fresh, nuanced perspective on a topic of ongoing cultural significance.

gillian anderson

Anderson says:

“As women, we know that sex is about more than just sex. But so many of us don’t talk about it. Our deepest, most intimate fears and fantasies remain locked away inside of us, until someone comes along with the key. Here is the key. I want to hear from you. This will be an anonymous, revelatory book compiling your letters to me to explore how women think about sex. Because when we talk about sex, we talk about womanhood and motherhood, infidelity and exploitation, consent and respect, fairness and egalitarianism, love and hate, pleasure and pain.

Is there a fantasy you’ve never told anyone about? Something you’d share with only the most trusted of confidants, if anyone at all? Wherever you come from, whomever you do or don’t sleep with, whether you’re eighteen or eighty: I want to hear from you.

Write to me, starting your letter Dear Gillian.”


Details on how to enter and T&C’s can be found at www.deargillian.com. Submissions are open from 1st February to 28th February. 2023 23:59 GMT.