Luke-W delivers irresistibly moody hip-hop fire on ‘Progress’

New Zealand artist Luke Winny has just released a debut EP under his new moniker Luke-W, delivering a smooth and moody hip-hop sound that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. 

Progress sees Luke-W produce five juicy and all-consuming tracks which iterate his unique talent and take listeners on a journey through his mind.

luke-w progress EP

Dark and broody hip hop beats are the perfect backdrop to the faultlessly delivered vocals of Luke-W, each song on Progress holding its own sense of sophisticated lyrical sensibility. 

Opening track Build It They Will Come encapsulates a mysterious mood as soon as it kicks off, looped piano sounds adding to the juiciness of the track. REM then offers Winny an opportunity to showcase his impressive freestyle skills, something the artist has clearly worked to develop and grow throughout the EP’s creation, making Progress a fitting name for more reason than one.

Speaking about what the EP means to him, the artist said:

“‘Progress’ for me is about keeping that “every day try to do something to get better” mentality… and that’s in everything not just with music. It’s a marker of where I’ve come from and where I want to take it.”

No Waste is a standout track in the EP, jumping straight into a punchy chorus. This song holds a different attitude than the other titles, is present not only in the production but also in Luke-W’s lyrics and their deliverance. The hook pulls you in and invites you to listen to the track over and over again. Lyrically he explores the idea of time and its finite nature, causing listeners to think, feel and reflect deeply on what he has to say. Discussing the track, Luke-W stated:

“‘No Waste’ is about time. On the one hand, it’s about good times and making the most of them, cuz you never know how many you get. On another level, it speaks to the themes of ‘progress’ and evolving and moving forward.”

That is another killer track which takes things down a notch. Rather than the harsher beat and vocals seen in No Waste, this number offers a slower delivery, allowing listeners to really soak in each and every lyric, inviting them to sway along to the track. 

Closing track Make Sense is another standout, flawlessly produced. The tune starts with a chorus which demonstrates a beautiful softness to the NZ rapper’s voice, allowing listeners to levitate with it. Freestyle lyrics are thoughtfully written and boast significant speed. Make Sense is the perfect end to a meticulously curated EP.

It is clear that Luke-W knows how to tell stories through his music, and it just so happens that these stories are told with the help of some really badass beats. Be sure to get on board with Progress and follow Luke-W closely, as we’re sure he will be on the rise within no time at all.