Lunar Intruder lull you into a trance with ‘Angel’, their new psychedelic single

New Zealand four-piece Lunar Intruder has served up another euphoric slice of indie-psych haze on their latest single Angel.

Who would have thought an innocent Facebook post would be the catalyst for the formation of such a compelling band. The New Zealand quartet known as Lunar Intruder consists of Cam Buyer (rhythm guitar and vocals), Matt Earle (lead guitar), Matt Genet (bass) and Tom Spillane (drums).

At the Lunar Headquarters, this intuitive group of musicians has honed its unique brand of indie-rock-psychedelia, releasing their spaced-out EP Solar Hangover last year. After hitting the NZ festival circuit, they’ve returned with single Angel, expanding their sonic horizons even further.

Luna Intruder

“Angel, a dreamy journey through a psychedelic atmosphere, attempts to suck the listener in from the moment it begins, progressively ramping up into an emotional explosion”, says Cam Buyer, the writer of the single. It’s this evolving journey that positions Angel in a brave new world of its own.

The journey begins with a rolling drum sequence, joined by some repeated broken chords on the guitar, with a lead line soaked in shoegaze-flavoured ambience. This wide soundscape immediately envelopes the listener, inviting listeners into a transformative journey.

“Came from the sky to watch you, to haunt you, to love you”, sings Buyer, dipping in and out of falsetto, matching the ethereal instrumental tones. It’s an alluring opening line that also underscores Lunar Intruder’s adventurous use of space; the Angel is here to take you away, if only for a few minutes.


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The track concludes with melancholy, dissonant electric guitar picking and soft bass following the dramatic climax. The contrast between the ‘wall of sound’ zenith of the track and the understated ending brings the musical journey of Angel full circle. “This was one of the first songs I’ve written where I felt truly satisfied with the outcome by the end”, Buyer admits. In our opinion, it’s a satisfaction that’s well-earned.

Listen to Angel below: