Psych rockers Lunar Intruder explore the tracks that inspired ‘Outerworlds’

Lunar Intruder melded psych, reggae, rock and dream pop on their debut EP, Outerworlds. These are the tracks that inspired the project.

Lunar Intruder took us on an unbelievable sonic journey on their debut EP, Outerworlds. Richly detailed and full of intriguing tones, it made for a stunning listening experience.

The band were kind enough to fill us in on the tracks that they admire the most, helping inspire the record and their creatives processes. In Cameron’s (lead vocalist) words, here are those tunes.

Lunar Intruder

Weird Fishes – Radiohead

Radiohead’s music was one of the main reasons I began songwriting and this song reflects what you might call my go-to sound, both for my own listening leisure and also my songwriting reference point. It sounds very dramatic but Radiohead’s music helped me understand myself a lot better in many ways and this is definitely one of those songs that just makes you think about anything and everything. There’s just no other song like it!

Down By The River – Mild Orange

I remember when we were still trying to find our sound as a band in our early days and Matt (the bassist) told me to check out a live video of Mild Orange as potential inspiration. The first time I heard this song was a recording of Mild Orange playing at one of their live shows overseas and I loved it the second I heard it and literally went hunting for this specific song in their catalogue on Spotify as soon as the song ended!


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Swimming – Lunar Vacation

When we named our band Lunar Intruder and finally had our name appearing on the Spotify database, I obviously searched our name up to see our faces as all bands would, and the band that appeared before us was Lunar Vacation. Naturally, I thought I’d check them out, and I’m glad I did because this song still sticks with me now and has one of my personal favourite guitar solos, period. It’s simple but damn does it pull on my heartstrings.

Denmark/ Van Gogh & Gone – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Needless to say, this is another band that has had an influence on our sound, this song in particular. The baron-like soundscape sets the scene, slowly introducing more familiar elements and building to a ridiculously over the top crescendo of psychedelic elements. Basically sums up my favourite type of song structure.


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Medicine Hat – Pond

Thought I would add this one on the list as it’s probably my favourite song as of right now. It takes a bit of patience to get into the cool bit, but once that bit hits, it hits. The melody of the main guitar lick just slaps so hard for some reason, and it becomes grander and grander over time, centring itself around the same melody, but it just feels like such a release of energy listening to this song.

Filling In Time – Marlins Dreaming

Another great song that influenced our latest work. If someone pops this one on the car trip nobody is complaining to skip it.

Still Running – Spacey Jane

I have to add this one to the list. It is somewhat of an inside joke to us but you will get the gist. There is a beautiful man we know in this world called Ed, and this is his signature song. Also, it’s just a mean as song and you should definitely listen to it!


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Misty Mountains 

Say no more. I only wish I could hit the low notes :(

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

Last one on our list, a bit of a cliche but it would feel wrong for me not to mention this song. Every one of us grew up listening to different music due to our diverse backgrounds but I think this song is a song that helps us all connect with one another, as a song that we did all grow up listening to. Diversity is great of course, but sometimes it’s nice to know that the people you’re around all love a song just as much as you do, and I can safely say this is one of those songs for us.

Listen to the influences of Lunar Intruder below.