Lunar Intruder expand their sonic horizons on dreamy EP, ‘Outerworlds’

You can rest your head on the clouds, listening to the euphoric wonders of Outerworlds from Lunar Intruder.

On my first introduction to Lunar Intruder, they lulled me into a trance with their single Angel. Little did I know, the versatile rock outfit was about to deliver a 7-track EP of the same calibre, bursting with signature psych-rock tones and transporting energy.

This EP is Outerworlds, and it’s a feat of imagination and inspiration, as the band tailor a sound that enraptures listeners from the inside out.

Lunar Intruder

The band begin with Far From Shore, a solemn tale with rich vocal harmonisations and a see-saw guitar riff, foreshadowing the psychedelic tendencies of the EP.

The lyrics match up to the soundscape, with the band covering themes of “isolation” and “false senses of reality”. These ideas resonate heavily in our COVID-ridden age of lockdowns and loneliness.

Following standout single, Angel is title track Outerworlds, which features some of the outfit’s most powerful vocals and infectious rhythms. When the rhythm section kicks in, you’ll be reeling with amazement.


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You’ll take a trip to Groove City on Lotus, a bright tune glowing with joyful electric guitar licks and riffage. Contrasting this sound is closer Dizzy: a breathtaking experience that teeters between hopeful and devastating sounding guitar lines.

The slow backbeat is woozy, but that’s the world of Lunar Intruder.  A world that leaves your head buzzing and dazzled.

If you love Pink Floyd, Radiohead or Sticky Fingers (minus their controversies), Outerworlds is a must-listen. This EP is oozing with eclectic sounds and emotional potency, from the lands of dream/pop to their home base of psych-rock.

Listen to Outerworlds below: