Aussies are confused over news concerning increased Pfizer rollout

As Sydney’s covid outbreak worsens, Prime Minister Scott Morrison shares hopeful, albeit confusing, news surrounding the Pfizer vaccine

In an interview with Sunrise, Scott Morrison claims that the federal government has secured a whopping supply of the Pfizer vaccines.

An expected one million doses per week from July 19 will replace the 300,000 that are currently being distributed across Australia.

Pfizer morrison confused
Image: ABC

Despite the positive news that many Australian’s are welcoming amidst the chaos, Pfizer has stated that their vaccine rollouts to Australia have “not changed“, mentioning that they will “continue to progress in line with our weekly delivery schedule“.

Morrison continued, informing radio station 2GB that Australia would be receiving 1.7m doses of Pfizer a month, which would increase to 4.5m by August – a mega deal that would significantly “ramp-up” our covid progress.

On Thursday, NSW Health reported 38 new locally acquired cases of the Delta variant, as residents realise that the lockdown efforts came a little too late.

Pfizer covid vaccine sydney morrison
Image: Daily Mail

However, Morrison firmly believes that the minimal effectiveness of the lockdown is not due to its initiation date, but more a reflection of residents inability to comply with the restrictions.

The virus doesn’t move on its own, it moves by people moving the virus around

The flippant attitude of people within Sydney’s inner city and Northern Beaches has resulted in the spread of the virus to the western suburbs, where residents are now suffering the consequences of their actions.

The western Sydney suburbs that are currently most affected by the outbreak include Liverpool, Fairfield and Bankstown-Canterbury.

Additionally, Morrison has asked that Australians who have already received their first AstraZeneca jab should book their second shot after eight weeks, contrasting the formerly advised 12 week gap.

Pfizer covid vaccine sydney morrison advice
Image: West Australian

According to Morrison, his request is informed by advice from the panel at the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI).

Morrison’s recent urge for Aussie’s to receive their second jab comes after the news that one jab of AstraZeneca is believed to barely protect those against the Delta variant.

Here’s to hoping that Scomo is not talking absolute smack and that Australia is in line to receive this “game-changing” supply.

Although, with other countries in worse scenario’s, it feels a little idealistic to believe this as the truth.