Police dispatch on south west Sydney labelled racist and unfair

Berejikilian sparks anger and racism accusations, following the targeted dispatch of over 100 police officers in Sydney’s southwest regions.

To crack down on the rapid spread of the Delta variant, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has dispatched at least 100 more police officers to southwest Sydney.

The police operation is now receiving criticism as “thinly-veiled racism” on the heavily multi-cultural community. However, this approach has not been enforced in other Sydney regions.

Gladys Berejiklian covid crackdown delta south western sydney
Image: Lifehacker Australia

According to police officials, the move was instigated due to the lack of compliance with covid restrictions in the area.

Fairfield, Canterbury, Bankstown and Liverpool areas have seen a spike in the spread of covid-19, giving way for the increased restrictions.

Assistant commissioner, Tony Cooke, spoke on the matter, “This is about us working together to comply with these orders about police supporting [the community]. Where we don’t get that compliance, however, we will enforce”.

However, the state government did not exercise such harsh policing on more affluent inner-city suburbs and the Northern Beaches, particularly when cases in those regions peaked.

Not to mention, stay at home orders within these regions were ignored throughout Bondi.

Glady’s has apologised for her targeted approach and ensured community leaders that the police are there to work with the community, not against them.

However, others are uncertain that the move will do anything but instil “panic or fear“, as the level of trust between residents and police is already strained.

Residents in Western Sydney are angered by the decision, where they feel they are being “scapegoated” and “branded as the reason the lockdown was extended“.

Bankstown resident, Asma Fehmi, expressed her confusion for the singular approach:

I saw the police flexing about fining people…people in other suburbs…are picnicking, going out, people sitting together, I do see some discrimination…

Sydney covid crackdown delta south western sydney racist racism
Image: Guardian

These tensions could escalate as the NSW government debates whether to let the lockdown continue for four more weeks or to allow the rampant spread of the Delta strain.

The slow vaccine rollout in Australia has ultimately impacted the states’ ability to deal with this latest outbreak effectively.

However, the potential effectiveness of a “herd immunity, considering available resources, is debatable. After all, we know how that panned out for Sweden…


Despite all of the drama, PM Scott Morrison remains hopeful, expressing his dreams that Australia will reopen “before the end of the year“.