Lux Trevis’ debut EP is the psych-jazz creation of a budding instrumentalist

Multi-instrumentalist and one man band, Lux Trevis (Lucas), has dropped his debut two-track Ep and it’s a masterclass in psychedelic groove.

Defined by a passion for improvisation and a musical affinity with nature, Lucas has been making waves in the local scene with his outgoing fervour for jamming any time, on any stage.

Lux TrevisSydney multi-instrumentalist Lux Trevis is a pure artist. With his toes dipped in various projects around Sydney he is quickly coming an accomplished improviser.

Lux Trevis’ debut EP Deep Diving, is a plunge into home-made funk and groove. There’s a carefully handled nuance to each song, with each sound hand-crafted with love from his bedroom. Lucas recorded the whole thing in two weeks of intense focus, laying down guitar, bass, sax, keys, flute and an SP-404 drum machine for some absolutely knocking beats.

Diving Deep is relatively short as far as EP’s go. The two tracks stand together at just over six minutes in length. However, the blissful rhythms and tasteful sax and guitar interplay is wildly impressive. Especially considering it was all recorded by one man. There’s tension and release and through it all, the talent is monstrously palpable.

Trip To The Moon opens with clean, sliding guitar lines before a low down groove has you nodding your head. The replayability here is endless as the grooves are tightly spun and the instrumentation is thoughtful.

Self described as “a mix of instrumental hip-hop, funk, jazz and psychedelic rock,” Lucas continues this fusion in the title track Diving Deep. The flourishes of flute and reverb guitar layering is tasteful and trippy before a banging  beat drops with a snair shuffle that can only be described as a musical orgasm.

Check out Diving Deep below:

While this is only a hint of the greatness to come from Lux Trevis, his incredible, far-reaching talents and influences are perfectly encapsulated on Diving Deep. The DIY approach and intense feeling is but a precursor of the talent to come from Lucas when he enters flow state.

Lux Trevis can be caught in action busking, dancing, and jamming with the locals in Manly Corso every second Sunday (1st, 15th, and 29th Sep are next) or appearing on stage recently with local prominent funk trio, Breizers, for a bit of psychedelic flute.