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Brisbane trio Verum deliver a delightful, slice of rock gold in debut single

Brisbane trio Verum have locked in to something real potent on their debut single, Placebo. 

No other way to describe it than pure, unabashed rock n roll’, the high school friends turned band mates have hit the ground running with this debut slice of goodness.

VerumVerum have served up a hot slice of rock in their debut single, Placebo. It marks a powerful moment for the up and comers as they begin their rise to prominence.

With a taste for high octane power the boys from VERUM have crafted a sound from blues, rock and punk. They sure as hell make a lot of sound for a trio without hiding behind a wall of sound.

Overall, Placebo is a song about optimism and maintaining a positive headspace when the world tries to get you down. The chords are thrashy and instantly evoke the desire to mosh. We can absolutely see this becoming a crowd favourite as the band continue to tear it up around their local Gold Coast and Brisbane scene.

With a clip that’s equally as infectious it sees Kaden Perkinson (lead singer and guitarist), Logan Taylor (bassist) and Zane Gillespie (drummer) rocking out a sweaty show before the tune throws a curveball mid way through and drops into half time.

Check out the rocking clip below:

As Verum effortlessly switch from an all out, wall to wall gallop to a slow blues groove they prove their tactile talent for creative songwriting. The slow groove bubbles and boils until the trio round it out with a final explosion of power.

The last half of the clip is extremely fun to watch as the boys let off a bit of steam smashing guitars and drums to bits before setting them on fire.

With a debut single this solid we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Verum. All I know is there wherever they go there will be good times and good music.