NZ alt-rock group Corduroy’s new single is sticky and irresistible

Wellington based alt rock group Corduroy glow with a vibrant, funky energy on their latest track Good Intentions.

The song glides along, building momentum until a searing hot guitar lick rings in the chorus, underneath the refrain, “You’ve keep talking with good intentions”. The hook is sure to have your head bopping, and toes tapping along in quick succession.


Wellington’s Corduroy offer crisp blend of al-rock and funk on their latest single Good Intentions. With a new EP on the way things are coming up!

Good Intentions follows a successful string of singles released throughout 2018 that have garnered the group a respectable following, not only over the ditch in New Zealand, but here in Australia as well.

Compared with their earlier releases, the organ takes a back seat, adding a dreamy texture to the verses rather than leading the charge. This leaves room for the guitar and bass lines to politely but firmly intermingle under the vocal melody. Everything has their distinct place on Good Intentions and it feels good.

Corduroy have an ace of spades though and they wear it proudly on their sleeve. The stunning, honey vocals of Rosie Spearing carry each song through on feather wings. With passion, intelligence and a sprinkling of jazz, Spearing’s ultra smooth pipes are a treat to behold, like a beautiful sun shower or a solved rubix cube.

The latest track also offers a shift in pace for the quintet. While their previous single, the stunning The Usual, trickles along, Good Intentions is quick to grip listeners with its upbeat funk stylings. And who can complain about a tasty slap bass solo?

Check out Corduroy’s new single below:

The single release precedes the release of an EP of the same name. If the titular track is anything to go off, the full release is expected to deliver on the groups intentions.

With the band making waves on home soil, it’s a matter of time before they make the leap our way. Get around Corduroy today!