Shy Troy's debut single is a masterful blend of hip-hop and alt-rock

Shy Troy’s debut single is a masterful blend of hip-hop and alt-rock

Melbourne native, Shy Troy has dropped an incredibly solid debut single striking up a stunning fusion of hip-hop and alternative rock.

Drenched in laid-back, melancholy vibes, Up in Smoke, is an insightful examination of disassociation and our innate tendency to pretend that everything is alright.

Shy TroyShy Troy has killed it with his melancholy debut single, Up in Smoke. The video clip is equally as solid; telling a compelling tale of mental instability.

Hailing from Melbourne, Shy Troy has expressed a unique talent for songwriting and rapping in his debut single. Up in Smoke concocts a unique blend of hip hop and anti-pop with indie/alternative stylings, drawing influences as varied as Bob Dylan, Andre 3000, and Tyler the Creator, Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King.

Up in Smoke kicks off with a wistful guitar line, sliding around before a slow, steady beat drops with buckets of bass. Shy Troy addresses the downside of having an over-active mind, and the idea of feeling more inclined to find alternate ways to confront both life and creative issues, outside of relying on peer advice, which is often not relatable.

His lyricism and imagery is ever changing, weaving a flowing story from ‘half-smoke cigarettes, and debt to medusa’s head lice.‘ This talent for painting a multi-coloured yet cohesive picture is reflective of the mindset that the Up in Smoke outlines and makes for one hell of an interesting ride.

Check out the clip below:

 The clip for Up in Smoke reflects the theme of the song, showing an artist gradually growing more delusional with each passing day. With a daily routine that becomes progressively more arbitrary, with the same facial expression, the clip plays with the idea that one can maintain an illusion amongst peers that everything is ‘cool’, but when alone, simple human responses such as sanity and common sense are being compromised.

With such a solid debut we can’t wait to hear the rest of Shy Troy’s EP Lavender. There is definitely a whole lot more brilliance to come!