A Lyrebird mimics the evacuation siren and warning announcement at Sydney’s Zoo to perfection

The South Australian Lyrebird has been captured on film mimicking the evacuation siren at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

Less than two weeks after a pride of lions escaped from their enclosure at the zoo, triggering an evacuation, the Lyrebird has shown off its new trick, the call of an emergency evacuation alarm at Taronga zoo.

Lyrebirds are hella talented when it comes to mimicking a myriad of sounds. One of the most elaborate and complex birds when it comes to mimicry, according to Wildlife documentary lord David Attenborough, this native from South Australia has the best bird call on the planet.

Lyrebird taronga zoo alarm
Credit: Taronga Zoo

The Lyrebird has an innate talent for convincing impersonations of Kookaburras and at least 20 other species. The lyrebird also has an impressive slew of other sounds under its belt, including a host of human sounds, ​​like chainsaws, car engines, car alarms, fire alarms, rifle shots, camera shutters, dogs barking, music, mobile phone ring tones, and even the human voice have been recorded.

Check out the captured footage below: