M1LDL1FE are Singaporean shooting stars on their spacey, self-titled EP

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I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t really know much about Singapore’s music scene. After having the eponymous EP from M1LDL1FE land under my nose, I have to say I’m inclined to go down the rabbit hole.

M1LDL1FE is a release that takes the best snippets of its own influence and builds upon them with formidable aptitude. Hints of electronic forebears like Daft Punk and Boards of Canada twist around a more modernised form of indie pop, resulting in something altogether delectable.

Not to mention utterly unique.

Sitting pretty on a fence between dance music and indie pop, M1LDL1FE bring the best of both worlds into a tight knit bundle on their eponymous EP.

Distraction was the EP’s lead single, undoubtedly because it was the poppiest cut on the record. The lyrics aren’t anything that will break new ground, but super-catchy verse lines and addictive chorus harmonies more than make up for it.

Super Algorithm Digital Me follows a similar path, albeit at a slower pace. The Daft Punk influence shines through more brightly than ever, the words “digital love” even worming their way into the lyrics. Starry-eyed guitar injections and a supernova breakdown take this track to the stratosphere.

The band has a seeming fascination for space, constantly using the universe as a point of reference for metaphor and sonic ideology. The two-part melody Backdoor is the most cosmic jam of the lot, a spiralling journey through the outer reaches which begins firmly in film soundtrack territory before warping into a straight-up pop banger.

It leads me to believe psycho-electronic, mostly instrumental acts like M83 or Tycho played quite a large part in the formation of this EP.

As strong as Paddy Ong’s vocals are, M1LDL1FE’s instrumental skill has blown me out of the water. Backdoor Pt.1, the EP’s only instrumental track, simply has me hungering for more.

Whether you fall for their pop sensibilities or their wandering musicality, M1LDL1FE have something for everyone. Lovers of pop, psych, dance, indie, electronic and everything in between will find themselves sucked into this band’s sound, and their life will be that little bit brighter for it.

Time to check out what the rest of Singapore has to offer.

M1LDL1FE is out now. 


M1LDL1FE are launching their EP on August 5th in Singapore. Suss out all the details on the Facebook event. Grab your tickets here.