Maari’s feels feast: 20 songs for the saaaaad guy

Maari believe in the art of indulging in your feelings via a bloody tear jerking – rip your heart out kind of song. Yes… like My Heart Will Go On. To celebrate the release of our latest single, Breathe, Kabusii and I have dug into the teenage mixtape files to compile for you some of our absolute favourite ugly cry bangers.

Here’s a list of some wail out loud crackers for the sad boi in your soul.

With an epic new single fresh under their belts, Sydney-based duo Maari share a playlist of unashamedly emotional tracks.

Iris – GooGoo Dolls
Hide & Seek – Imogen Heap
Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice
Only One – Yellowcard
Moon River – Jacob Collier
I Can’t Make You love Me – Bonnie Raitt
Never Enough – Loren Allred (The Greatest Showman Soundtrack)
Beside You- Mariana’s Trench
Ana’s Song – Silverchair
Helena – My Chemical Romance
In the Name of Love – Martin Garrix feat. Bebe Rexha
My Heart- Paramore
Don’t Forget- Demi Lovato
The Letter – Kehlani
Run to You – Pentatonix
Feels Like Home – Chantal Kreviasuk
I Will Follow You into The Dark – Death Cab For Cutie
When She loved Me- Sarah McLaughlan
Gravity – Sara Bareilles
And I Am Telling You – Jennifer Hudson

Thanks for going on this emotional rollercoaster with us. If you don’t want to vacate the feels train just yet, check out these songs and a tonne more over at our ‘Feels Train’ playlist on Spotify. And while you’re there, check out our latest single Breathe, available now on all music platforms.

Sending you lots of love and metaphorical pizza x