Watch Mac Demarco bust some swell moves during his darling track On The Level, live with Conan

Mac Demarco knows how to lay down one hell of a performance, no matter how weird it gets. The Canadian crooner has been doing the rounds lately, knocking off a ton of tour dates as well as all the best late night spots.

Last night he hit up Conan. Team Coco. Mr. O’Brien. It was pretty rad, you can watch it above.

Demarco laid down a performance of On The Level, a prime cut from his latest LP This Old Dog. It’s one of the more off-kilter tracks from the album, and a bit of a strange choice to take to the stage, but the man definitely pulls it off.

mac demarco conan on the level this old dog

Smashing out his sleeper hit On The Level from This Old Dog, Mac Demarco had some lo-fi dance moves to show the world live on Conan.

So Mac, when’s the Australian tour? We’ll be here.

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Via Pitchfork.