Mac Demarco just dropped his weirdest video yet

An animated, floating dog-car from outer space that crash lands into Earth, exploring a vibrant world of warped, Mac DeMarco-inspired weirdness. This is the new video for This Old Dog.

Mac Demarco

Exploring the depths of weirdness and seeing how far the boundaries of animation can be pushed, Mac DeMarco takes you on an  journey in new music video for This Old Dog.

A collaboration between immersive-content company Inception and Pitchfork, the video was directed by Rachel Rossin, VR artist. Her work who places viewers in an imaginative world of retro-style computer graphics.  “We got a lotta baloney in there,” Demarco told Pitchfork, “in the best possible way.”

Apparently, out of a list of 20 potential collaborators, Rossin was the only one Demarco chose. “She’s rad,” he told Pitchfork. “Rachel is a visual artist, and she goes behind the scenes and does a lot of the coding and scripting.

She learned it from opening up video games as a kid and being genuinely interested. I used to crack stuff like that open too and make my own 3D models. Now her stuff goes very far out into cyberspace, but where she started, I had a similar experience. The difference is I went off and was like, I wanna try and be the Beatles instead.”

Check out the video below.

[via Pitchfork]