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Tim Price from Collision Course has announced a 24/7 heavy metal online radio station


The man behind heavy music site Collision Course, Tim Price, and collaborator Stephen Green, have announced the latest in streaming music services, and this time it is dedicated purely to metal. Named The Faction the online streaming app will serve as an online radio service for heavy music.

Metal fans rejoice, Tim Price from Collision Course has announced a 24/7 heavy metal online radio station, The Faction.

Of the site Price has said “We’re actively trying to make sure that we’re putting music out there into the world via our channel that we have now that’s good and that’s going to appeal to a fairly broad heavy music-loving audience.

Even though it’s a digital medium and it’s streaming online and through an app, it still has that focus like radio, and a focus on breaking songs in the heavy world as well.”

The site will run as a 24/7 playlist format, with no song being featured with a release date of more than ten years prior. The service will also include regular 12pm and 7pm interviews with artists and influencers, at this stage including the likes of Corey Taylor, with Rex Brown (ex-Pantera), Joe from Grinspoon and Jess Margera from CKY.

If there was ever a reason to get your teeth into metal in a serious way, The Faction is definitely it. The site will come with pretty awesome perks, including discounted tickets and offers to shows and festivals, as well as merchandise and vinyl.

Price has also been clear in his intent for the site to be as gender balanced as possible, with women getting their fair share of airplay.

In a recent interview with The Music, Price insisted “I don’t want this to be a sausage party, I don’t want it to be an all-male thing; I want it to appeal across [genders].”

“It’s so important to have those voices as role models. To be a female metal fan or into heavy music in that way, you also want to hear voices like your own, so in that regard, I’ve made sure that I’m across as much of that as possible … I’m trying my best to make sure that as many people [as possible] are getting a voice.”

So if you are keen on metal and have been looking for somewhere to get your head completely lost, The Faction has come at the perfect time.

[via The Music]


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August 29, 2017