Watch Mac DeMarco knock back 700mL of Jameson before giving the performance of a lifetime

Your best homie Mac DeMarco descended on Pittsburgh just a few days back, taking his big cheesy grin and big cheesy tunes onstage in front of a loving audience.

While a Mac gig is always sure to be a good time, the reports are in and apparently this show was a little special. During his set DeMarco took an entire bottle of smooth, rich Jameson Irish whiskey to the park, finishing the last drops before an extended crowdsurfing routine at the set’s close.

You know, just in case this bloke wasn’t enough of a laugh already. Watch the clip above and see him descend into jiggly, boppy, boozy madness that’s just too entertaining for words.

mac demarco drunk on stage funny moments jameson whiskey

Mac DeMarco discovered a new secret to putting on a show in Pittsburgh, smashing a full bottle of Jameson. Wait, was getting drunk onstage ever a secret?

A big sloppy thank you to Youtube user Dorian Ye for bringing this masterpiece of modern entertainment to the public eye. Not only is the clip stitched together brilliantly, but he also includes a ‘Table of Contents’ as such in the comments section.

So if you want to know exactly when DeMarco performs This Old Dog, bleeds from the nipple, dives off the stage, declares that it’s “the most drunk I’ve been on stage in years” or anything in between, you can skip right ahead.

Check out another point of view from the show below:

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Via NME.