Magic The Gathering Midnight Hunt: the top 5 Standard cards

Magic The Gathering’s newest set, Midnight Hunt, is teeming with werewolves, vampires, and nostalgic Innistrad horror.

Planeswalkers, come one, come all. Magic The Gathering’s latest set, Midnight Hunt, dropped today on MTG Arena and comes to tabletop next week. For this new block, Wizards of the Coast returned to the fan-favourite plane of Innistrad, so except bloodthirsty vampires and preying werewolves. Needless to say, some filthy creature decks are being brewed as we speak.

But wait! Before you go cracking those fresh packs, let’s run through the five best additions for the Standard format. You don’t wanna show up unprepared do you?

Midnight Hunt
Image: Wizards of The Coast

A Brief Precursor…

It’s obviously early days, so it’s more than possible that the most relevant cards from Midnight Hunt will evolve over time.

However, from an initial analysis based on the top-performing Standard decks, keep an eye out for these five bombs. We’ve picked one from every colour.

White – Fateful Absence 

Cheap removal has been the gas of control/burn decks since Magic’s inception in 1993, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. The fact that Fateful Absence kills off planeswalkers, as well as creatures, is just ridiculous.

Sure, your opponent is granted card draw, but it still costs them mana, so you’re already going to be ahead of the curve. Expect to have your plans foiled by this simple twist of fate.

Blue – Suspicious Stowaway

Stowaway is more than meets the eye. If you manage to flip this card, not only can you still not be blocked – you can draw a card without discarding one. That’s a guaranteed card advantage every turn unless your opponent does something about it.

The inclusion of ‘Human’, ‘Rogue’ and ‘Werewolf’ creature types also makes this threat versatile, raring for synergy boosts.

Black – Infernal Grasp

Pretty self-explanatory as to why this card is going to upset standard players. Cheap, instant speed removal with an inconsequential drawback.

Moving swiftly on…

Red – Bloodthirsty Adversary

magic the gathering midnight hunt bloodthirsty adversary

Of all the five adversaries, pros and casuals alike agree that the red edition is the most powerful. A 2/2 creature with haste is already fantastic, but combine that with its multi-kicker ability that allows you to recast spells for free, and you’ve got a card that’s absolutely busted.

I’m predicting a mono-red burn resurgence in Standard because of this absolute menace.

Green – Wrenn and Seven

You’d have thought that planeswalkers with 4 unique triggers would have been culled off due to their extremely overpowered versatility. I mean, does anyone remember what happened with Jace The Mind Sculptor???

Anyway, if you’re running a ramp-focused deck in Standard, definitely consider making this your 5-drop finisher.


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