Unleash your inner art collector: Magnum Photo sale is here

Unleash your inner art collector: Magnum Photo sale is here

Hey there, culture vultures! These Magnum photos aren’t just snapshots, they’re masterpieces! Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the magic and hang them on your walls for all to see.

Magnum Photos, the iconic cooperative founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger, and David “Chim” Seymour, has kicked off its Vital Signs sale, offering a selection of over 100 museum-quality prints, signed by the photographers or estate-stamped, for just $110. But wait for it – this year’s sale is like no other.

For the first time in its nine-year history, Magnum has invited a diverse group of artists, filmmakers – Judd Apatow, and fellow photographers, Miranda Barnes, and Larry sultan just to name a few, to join their highly anticipated curated triptych sale, Then. Now. Next. And the result is nothing short of electrifying. Luminaries like Alfredo Jaar, Roger Deakins, and Hannah Reyes Morales join the Magnum photographers and estates for Vital Signs.

Alfredo Jaar – Studies on Happiness
Alfredo Jaar – Studies on Happiness

For one week only, these rare gems will be on view at the Magnum Gallery in London, from Monday, April 17 to Saturday, April 22. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own a piece of photographic history, witness the pulse of contemporary photography and the enduring power of Magnum’s legacy in Vital Signs.

This triptych sale is the third and final part of the Then. Now. Next. celebration, marking the agency’s 75th-anniversary. The curation takes a look to the future – a musing on the hopes, fears, and anticipation of things to come. The images focus on the next generation, capturing their dreams and aspirations in stunning detail.

Lee Shulman - High Dive, 1972 Magnum photos
Lee Shulman – High Dive, 1972

Magnum’s president, Cristina de Middel, explains: “Photographers have built the visual chronology of who we were and who we are today. For who we will be, the journey ahead is one that we are not ready to do alone. It will be a long road, and for that, we need as many skilled and diverse travelers as we can get. As a family, we are now, once again, looking at the future with more questions than answers.”

Larry Sultan - Dad on Sofa. From the series Pictures from Home, 1984
Larry Sultan -Pictures From Home. Dad on Sofa, 1984

With Magnum’s long-standing tradition of excellence in photography, the Vital Signs sale is an opportunity to add some iconic shots from Weegee, Hannah Reyes Morales, and other legendary photographers to one’s art collection. These photographs offer a glimpse into a different world, capturing the essence of domesticity and human emotion, “Hot Anchormen” and Pictures from Home, 1984 by Judd Apatow and Larry Sultan respectively, showcase the art of storytelling through the lens. Sultan’s exploration of the theatricality of home life is truly mesmerizing, as he delves into the nuances of family dynamics and identity.

Ed Templeten Leo Romero. Hamburg, Germany, 2018.
Ed Templeton- Leo Romero. Hamburg, Germany, 2018.

Meanwhile, Lee Shulman’s High Dive, 1972 is a surreal composition that captures the united gaze of amazement of spectators, creating an almost religious aspect.  Alfredo Jaar’s Studies on Happiness, born out of his utopian idealism during the Pinochet regime, is a poignant reminder of the power of art to resist and create hope. And Ed Templeton documents the occasional brutality of riding a skateboard  in the series Wires Crossed. 

These works stand as a testament to the human experience and our never-ending desire to capture it in all its complexity.. So, don’t wait – art lovers, get your wallets ready and snag yourself a piece of history before they’re gone!

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