Make it to Wollongong over the weekend? Check out all our Yours & Owls photos from the absolutely killer two day sweatfest

All reports from Yours & Owls over the weekend are in and they point to one thing: a big, sweaty mess of a time. We were down in the Gong too, capturing all the best moments of the absolute scorcher. We’ll happily confirm the above reports.

The heat, combined with some of the most enthusiastic punters in the country, made for an unforgettable day full of top tunes, shirtless dudes and blistering need for constant, cold beers.

The other fact we’re happy to report back has long been hypothesised: Wollongong knows how to fuckin’ party. The punters were on fire down there, bringing an energy like no other to the festival that’s quickly becoming one of their city’s major tourist attractions. Given the presence of some local heroes such as Hockey Dad and Bec Sandridge, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

Catch all the best pics we snapped above, featuring some of our favourite bands at the moment – the lineup this year was absolutely huge, especially when compared to last year’s.

We’re already pining to get along next year, whatever the kickass organisers are going to pull through with in. Yours & Owls is showing no signs of slowing down.

Thanks to the awesome Brooke Tunbridge for the camera work.