PREMIERE: Watch The Rollercanes get rowdy in their clip for FOMO

PREMIERE: Don’t try this at home. Watch the lads from The Rollercanes attempt to shave each other in their debut video FOMO

Drawing inspiration from one too many loud and lively nights out in Melbourne town, The Rollercanes are a rocking new act to get you in the mood for some messy mosh pit action.

Their brand new song FOMO is packed with edgy guitar riffs, compelling bass lines and head banging drum moments that will transport you straight to the heart of Melbourne’s infamous live music scene.

An anthem for the good times needs a raucous video to match, and The Rollercanes debut effort on FOMO doesn’t fall short by a single inch.

After a few years of pinning down their sound by playing just about every one of the bars and live venues the city had to offer, the rambunctious rock trio released their first official EP titled Fame Doesn’t Want You. With it came fresh garage rock revival vibes reminiscent of some early Arctic Monkeys tracks.

Now they’re following it up with a brand new double A-side record release that will feature FOMO and previously released single Round No. 2, both of which were produced by the band’s own Daniel Wright.

With themes of love, rejection and long, lockout-free nights on the town, The Rollercanes paint a perfect picture of how crazy life can be in your early 20’s.

FOMO deals with a challenging relationship and the fear of missing out on something special with lyrics describing sweet little gestures, albeit dosed up with a healthy amount of sarcasm.

The band pulls off an emotionally expressive vocal sound, with hints of Alex Kapranos from some early Franz Ferdinand releases coming through, but with a bit more edge to grind on.

With FOMO, the boys have released a cheeky li’l music video that looked like a ball to film. With band members doing a pretty sloppy job of shaving one another, some wild head banging and the best possible use for their band stickers, the video definitely gives off the vibe that these are the kind of guys that would be fun to party with.

The lads will be premiering the record on the 25th of November at The Grace Darling Hotel with their mates Horace Bones, Batz, The Jives and Side Stare DJ’s for what is sure to be a wild night.