Man fined $1652 for breaching COVID-19 restrictions on a quest for butter chicken

On Saturday afternoon, an unidentified man was charged a hefty $1652.00 fine for breaching lockdown restrictions and travelling 32km from his home in Werribee to Melbourne’s CBD. Why would he risk such a fine you ask? What was the source of the quest you may be wondering? Butter chicken.

But not just any old butter chicken. This was a very specific curry. Unfortunately, the man’s quest for the special dish was in breach of Melbourne’s stay-at-home order, thereby copping a wild fine from Victorian Police, which isn’t the first time food-related fines have been issued because of COVID-19. 

A man has been fined a hefty $1652.00 for driving 32km into the CBD on a quest to find a particularly tasty butter chicken. He has since become an internet sensation.

But alas, the mystery man’s woes could be lessened after the restaurant in question, Tonka, called on a search for the unknown butter chicken stan, posting to Instagram a picture with the caption “$1,652.00 works out to be 61 Butter Chickens, which equals free butter chicken for life,” the restaurant stated. “We absolutely do not condone any illegal activity, especially related to COVID but f*ck this gave us well-needed laugh.”

However, as the saga unfolds it’s believed that the mystery man has been found! Sources claim the man in question to be 48-year-old Melbourne tradie, Noel Atkinson. It has been revealed he was actually ordering from Dhesi Daba, another popular Melbourne Indian restaurant, who have now offered the man a year’s worth of free curries. Cheerin’.